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Exploring the City of Naples

Visiting Naples is the most excited I’ve been when visiting a city for the first time. I grew up on pasta and pizza, and stories of Pompei and Volcanos! I got 4 individual days and I loved all of them, so here are the 4 best ways to spend each day. And if you only have 1 day, pick your favourite!

Day 1. Napoli Sotterranea and pizza

This day started as just a casual exploring day, with the main aim of seeing the city and eating pizza. But once in Naples, we realised we wanted to learn more about the city and find a tour.

Now I can be pretty claustrophobic, so I was a little daunted when my friends mentioned the Napoli Sotterranea, the underground caves. On arriving it was pretty clear that while it was underground, the caves were more than roomy enough that I would be fine.

The tour includes The Greek-Roman Aqueduct, WWII radio shelters, and the remains of the Roman Theatre. With part of the tour given by candlelight. It’s available in quite a few different languages and runs frequently throughout the day.

If you’re thinking of visiting and going on the tour here is a link full of information about the caves and the tour. Some of it is in Italian, but it’s still useful. Napoli Sotterranea

Remember to bring a good camera. My phone camera didn’t work well in low light, so I have no pictures to share. The link has quite a few pictures of the caves though.

After spending a few hours walking around the city it most definitely time for my favourite Italian thing to do. Eat all of the pizza! The fantastic thing about Naples is that there are so many places to eat, and I never once had a meal that wasn’t amazing.

The general rule I have for eating out is that (unless it’s been recommended) if it’s empty and surrounded by busy places, then I will try the busier places. However in Naples, go to any place that catches your eye, and you will get amazing mozzarella, and incredible pizza.

day 2. Pompei

Pompei is an excavated city that was destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius. I don’t have too much to say about visiting Pompei, other than you must! I only had half a day to spend there and it really wasn’t enough, so make sure you put a whole day aside if you can.

To get the full experience, a tour guide is recommended for all the little pieces of knowledge that you might miss otherwise. Our tour walked the whole time, barely stopping and I saw only a fraction of Pompei!

It’s an unreal city that disappeared overnight, and has so much history and culture. The experience was incredible, and can be quite emotional.

day 3. VESUVIUS and more pizza

Again, Vesuvius is one of the sites you should make the time to see, but it can be done in half a day. If you’re in a large group then a taxi ride to the volcano is fairly cheap.

I was quite unfit when I climbed Vesuvius and it was manageable, but I struggled a little. So if you’re not up for walking this maybe isn’t for you. If is though, bring bottles of water with you, because once you start you can’t buy water until the end.

The views from the volcano are amazing all the way up and it’s such an amazing thing to be able to say you’ve done.

After seeing the views and walking back down, I would suggest more pizza! You’ll need refuelling after the climb and Naples pizza is definitely the best cure!

The rest of the day could be spent exploring the city for yourself, doing a bit of shopping, or if the weather is nice, finding a lovely outdoor bar!

day 4. Capri

Visiting Capri was the best day I had in Naples. I know, it should be the historic sites and incredible city, but it wasn’t. I spent that day with some awesome people and sometimes that’s what makes traveling more special. It was one of my most treasured days.

We arrived in Naples ferry port early in the morning and boarded a ferry to Capri. The ferry isn’t too expensive and runs pretty frequently throughout the day.

You can rent a boat very near to the ferry port in Capri. There were 4 of us, so we got a motorised dinghy. The prices are pretty reasonable and once split between us we spent about €40 each for 2 hours of sailing ourselves around the island. No boating certificates are required and it’s very easy to get the hang of.

The boat has a sea anchor so you can go for a swim if you want to. There is also a museum you can access by boat called The Blue Grotto, which can buy tickets for at their floating ticket stand.

We were in a bit of a rush and in all the excitement didn’t think about buying supplies. The boat has storage, so I would suggest buying snacks and beer for your trip out. That is the only thing that would have made the day better.

After making our way back to land, we went to get some amazing pizza (did I mention the food is amazing?) and gelato! The best Italian day you could ask for!

Worth noting

In the summer it can be very hot, always have water with you and if you’re anything like me, all the sunscreen. Make sure you have a fully charger camera battery, and spare memory cards when you take hundreds of photos.

There are other islands to visit, and many more historic sites, so if you have a few more days make the most of them! I hope this post has helped you in discovering Naples, enjoy!


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